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​​ How To Be a Safe eScooter Rider

Wear a Helmet!  IT'S THE LAW. Protect your brain, you only get one.


Watch out for pedestrians! 


Do Not Ride on the sidewalks ... People will get really hurt if you crash into them, especially at faster speeds.


Go slowly through crosswalks. Use caution.


Always be aware of your surroundings.


Ride in the bike lanes instead of on the sidewalk whenever possible.


Only one rider per vehicle.


Don’t ride one-handed! 


No holding a phone while in motion.


Do not use headphones, you’ll need to hear all of the traffic.


Don’t ride when drinking/drunk, or under the effects of drugs.


Decelerate when going downhill, use the brakes slowly.


Before using a scooter, check it over.


Watch out for hazzards like rocks, glass or potholes.


Don’t ride in the rain.

All the same rules apply to you as you would be riding a bike, common sense things like stoping at stop signs, be aware of your surroundings, slow down and brace for speed bumps,  always give right away to faster riders. 


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